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Bomb Shelter Complex "The Presidential"

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Bomb Shelter Complex "The Presidential"
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В наявностіBomb Shelter Complex "The Presidential"
  • +380 (93) 929-11-77
  • +380 (48) 700-36-44
  • +380 (97) 072-87-86
    Viber Киевстар
  • +380 (93) 929-11-77
  • +380 (48) 700-36-44
  • +380 (97) 072-87-86
    Viber Киевстар

Замовлення тільки за телефоном

повернення товару протягом 365 днів за домовленістю

Number of people to accommodate


Battery 30400 Ah (based on 3 hours of work per day per person at 83 W / h.)

30 days

Water supply up to 8550 liters (based on 3 liters of water per person per day)

30-72 days

External coating

150 years

Metall Comfort mini bunkers are made from high quality steel using the same manufacturing techniques as large bomb shelters.

We are introducing the bunker complex "Presidential". A luxurious range of layouts has been designed to pamper and protect. Offering all the conveniences of modern life, these underground shelters combine practicality, self-sufficiency and luxurious aesthetics. These spacious underground bunkers are fully customizable, with endless possibilities taking the term "luxury" to a new height. The Luxury Series offers custom flooring and carpeting, a custom kitchen with beautiful cabinetry and countertops, a multi-car garage with a motor cave, a greenhouse, a large gym and gym, and huge storage rooms. These units are also equipped with full plumbing / septic systems and are connected to dual power, so the bunker complex can operate both on mains and without it.

This massive shelter includes all the standard advanced amenities: a bulletproof door, NBC air filtration with blast and overpressure valves, a dual counter with a sink, food storage shelves, a water pressure pump, a shower, a water heater, gray water evacuation tanks and pumps, 12 volt LED lighting, a solar charging system with batteries for backup, an infrared security system, fresh water inlet, 120/240 volt inlet, stairs with railings, painted interior and exterior coatings/corrosion protection.

What is nuclear winter?

The term "nuclear winter" was first mentioned in 1983. It means a hypothetical global change in the Earth's climate, which threatens in case of a large-scale war with the use of atomic weapons. Based on the results of computer simulations, scientists came to deplorable conclusions: if the effect of nuclear winter occurs, humanity will die. Only a few will survive - those who have managed to build and equip reliable bunkers in time.

How will climate conditions change?

If the superpowers exchange massive nuclear strikes, after the last fires die down, a picture reminiscent of Armageddon will appear on the radioactive ruins:

  • As a result of the strongest explosions, smoke and soot will fall into the stratosphere, blocking the Sun.
  • The air temperature on the planet will drop to arctic levels.
  • After the release of a large amount of nitrogen oxides and reactive carbohydrates, the stability of the existing atmospheric processes will decrease, the atmosphere will become very dry, the amount of rainfall will sharply decrease, and the formation of cyclones and monsoons will stop.

Such conditions are not only unfavorable for human and animal life: they will lead to a global reduction in the production of plant food. That is why a picture is emerging that is the closest to Armageddon: the survivors will have literally to fight for a piece of bread.

Historical precedents

Fortunately, humanity has so far managed to avoid suicidal nuclear wars. However, in addition to theoretical calculations, there is also a real-life example of how the situation can unfold after massive emissions into the atmosphere.

Nature has most clearly demonstrated the consequences of such a phenomenon: we are talking about the eruption of the Tambora volcano in Indonesia, which happened in 1815. Over the island of Sumbawa then rose about 150 megatons of soot. For the next several years, volcanic ash remained in the air, which led to a drop in global air temperature by 2.5 degrees.

I would like to believe that nuclear winter will remain only a theory. Although the aggravation of conflicts on the Earth makes us reconsider pessimistic scenarios, the belief remains that humanity will not lose the remnants of reason and prudence.

If you are looking for the most reliable and most profitable option that will protect you in the most critical situations, pay attention to the MAX MINI anti-nuclear bunker – it has everything you need to stay a family of 6 persons for 1 month.

Invest to save lives yours and your loved ones!

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