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Bomb Shelter Complex "The Admiral" 20' x 80'

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Bomb Shelter Complex "The Admiral" 20' x 80'
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В наявностіBomb Shelter Complex "The Admiral" 20' x 80'
  • +380 (93) 929-11-77
  • +380 (48) 700-36-44
  • +380 (97) 072-87-86
    Viber Киевстар
  • +380 (93) 929-11-77
  • +380 (48) 700-36-44
  • +380 (97) 072-87-86
    Viber Киевстар

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повернення товару протягом 365 днів за домовленістю

Number of people to accommodate


Battery 8000 Ah (based on 3 hours of work per day per person at 83 W / h.)

30 days

Water supply 2250 liters (based on 3 liters of water per person per day)

30-72 days

External coating

150 years

Metall Comfort mini bunkers are made from high quality steel using the same manufacturing techniques as large bomb shelters.

This new 1,600-square-foot bunker in case of war offers the feeling of being at home. Thanks to the open floor plan, the kitchen, dining room and living room are combined, allowing you to use the space with maximum benefit. This unit can be equipped with our branded steel table and bench, or left open for more traditional home furniture. Behind this common area there are three bedrooms with dressing rooms, the main bedroom, a bathroom, a storage room as well as a spacious storage room. The “Admiral” series units are equipped with a blast door, an escape hatch, an NBC air filtration system with blast and overpressure valves, a full double counter kitchen including a double sink, a composting toilet, food storage shelves, a water pressure pump, a shower, a water heater, and they also have a grey water evacuation tank, a grey water evacuation pump, a bathroom door, 12v led lighting, a battery powered solar generator charging system, 12v tv/dvd combo, fresh water inlet, 120 inlet /240 volts, stair railing, interior painting and 150-year old coating on the outside.

Entering the “Admiral” bomb shelter, you will notice a bulletproof door and stairs that will provide the safest entrance to your shelter. An open living room welcomes you to your new bomb shelter. To the right you will find a very spacious bedroom which has its own dressing room. There is a hidden escape hatch in the closet with a hidden door. This bomb shelter has a large bathroom in the main bedroom. The bathroom has a shower, a composite toilet, a sink and a tankless water heater. Leaving the main bedroom, you will enter the open living room. The open living room gives you the freedom of endless furniture arrangement. Continuing down the bunker from a nuclear explosion, you will find a giant food storage room. The food storage area in this bomb shelter can be equipped with shelving to optimize your storage needs. This large food storage space can be a huge advantage in ensuring your family can live longer with rich food storage options. Proceeding further through this large bomb shelter of the “Admiral” series, you will enter the kitchen and the dining room. The kitchen includes a large worktop with a sink. The dining area can include our branded table with benches for sitting or be open to allow you to choose a more traditional table arrangement for your bomb shelter. Just behind the kitchen there is a very large pantry with built-in shelving. Walking down the corridor of the bomb shelter, you will find a bathroom and three additional bedrooms with walk-in closets. These bedrooms create private sleeping areas for your family. The “Admiral” bomb shelter is the perfect solution for your family's underground life.

Why is there no point in building a house if there is no safe and truly protected place in it?

Home is the place where we used to return with the expectation that we can finally relax, feel safe. Only reality lately shows that such a feeling is very deceptive! Cataclysms roll over the earth - earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis. Armed conflicts and confrontations add fuel to the fire. The inhabitants of Ukraine felt especially vividly what a war is, how it is capable of destroying a house in an instant, which its inhabitants until recently considered an indestructible fortress. Therefore, many wondered how to build a bunker in order to save the most valuable thing – their lives, the lives of relatives and friends.

Is your home so strong and safe?

Alas, many Ukrainian residents have learned from their own experience that modern houses, whether they are private cottages or high-rise buildings, are not designed for rocket attacks and artillery shelling. Unfortunately, some people have had to pay for this realization with their lives.

It is important to understand that neither houses, nor basements or cellars, in principle, are able to serve as a truly safe and reliable shelter. Even if a person hides during the shelling in a place separated from the street by 2 walls, there is no guarantee of the full protection that a full-fledged bunker is capable of in case of war.

And that's why:

  • First of all, the walls of an ordinary house by default are not so strong that they can withstand a missile attack, not to mention the fall of an air bomb.
  • A great threat to life is the rubble that threatens people who remain in the house or go down to the basement, if it is not equipped as a bomb shelter, in which there is at least one emergency exit.
  • In an apartment or house there are a lot of potentially dangerous items that can cause harm to health and even kill: from mirrors and tiles to doors with glass inserts, gas and electrical equipment.
  • In the case when nuclear, bacteriological, chemical weapons are used, housing is extremely difficult and most often impossible to equip in such a way as to exclude the penetration of radiation, poisonous and dangerous substances.

The biggest danger is a false sense of security! As practice shows, only the bunker under the house saves life.

If you are looking for the most reliable and most profitable option that will protect you in the most critical situations, pay attention to the MAX MINI anti-nuclear bunker – it has everything you need to stay a family of 6 persons for 1 month.

Invest to save lives yours and your loved ones!


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