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Bomb Shelter Complex "The Defender"

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Мінімальна сума замовлення на сайті — 4000 грн

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Bomb Shelter Complex "The Defender"
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В наявностіBomb Shelter Complex "The Defender"
  • +380 (93) 929-11-77
  • +380 (48) 700-36-44
  • +380 (97) 072-87-86
    Viber Киевстар
  • +380 (93) 929-11-77
  • +380 (48) 700-36-44
  • +380 (97) 072-87-86
    Viber Киевстар

Замовлення тільки за телефоном

повернення товару протягом 365 днів за домовленістю

Number of people to accommodate


Battery 11200 Ah (based on 3 hours of work per day per person at 83 W / h.)

30 days

Water supply 450 liters (based on 3 liters of water per person per day)

30-72 days

External coating

150 years

Metall Comfort mini bunkers are made from high quality steel using the same manufacturing techniques as large bomb shelters.

The bunker “Defender” was designed taking into account the interests of large families. While many of our steel bunkers and bomb shelters are capable of protecting large numbers of people, this particular model is designed not only to accommodate large groups, but also has ample living space. With 5 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms, this layout allows to place several separate bedrooms or 5 separate rooms with bunk beds. The open kitchen, dining and living areas allow to live spaciously without sacrificing practicality. A huge pantry ensures you have plenty of room to store the groceries you always have on hand, and when supplies run out, you have an additional pantry located right around the corner. A utility room containing the generator and batteries, as well as an emergency exit hatch, is also located next to the extended storage.

Entering the “Defender” war bunker through the standard armored door, you will enter an open living area. The living room is massive and is home to an NBC air filtration system. The adjoining kitchen and dining area are spacious enough to accommodate large tables and allow everyone to enjoy their meal together. The kitchen has a large countertop with a double sink and an alcohol burner stove. Walking down the corridor of the “Defender” Bunker, you will find a large pantry, spacious bedrooms with dressing rooms and a large bathroom with a sink, a composting toilet and a shower. The living room has a door leading to an additional 20' x 20' unit where there are additional bedrooms, a bathroom with a shower and a utility room with an escape hatch.

This entire survival bunker is built to make you feel like you're above the ground. This spacious layout was inspired by the functionality of the space and the comfort of inhabitants.

What is needed to meet basic needs?

When arranging the bunker, it is advisable to take care of at least the minimum level of convenience that such things will provide:

  • Sleeping bags, sleeping mats, blankets, pillows for sleeping;
  • Wet and dry wipes, toilet paper, soap, other hygiene products;
  • Changeable and warm clothes, shoes;
  • Flashlights, candles, matches, lighters;
  • First aid kit with a set of medicines for all occasions;
  • Tools that can be useful for household needs and for emergency situationsfor example, if after the explosion the entrance doors to the bunker are blocked.

This minimum will be enough to stay in cover until the threat has passed. However, for more complete comfort, you can and should resort to additional amenities.

Every whim for your money

If finances allow, you can build such a bunker under the house that in terms of comfort it will compete with the dwelling itself. A variety of appliances are installed here – from refrigerators and stoves to a jacuzzi.

You can take care of improving the aesthetics and maintaining a healthy psychological state. For this, so-called virtual windows are provided. With them, it is easier to avoid depression and discouragement if you have to stay underground for a long time.

Returning to the fact that modern bunkers are built primarily for the sake of security, it is worth considering equipping the shelter with technical innovations designed to prevent any risks. So, indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras are installed in shelters.

An infrasound alarm system, motion sensors, smoke guns – additions that will turn the bunker into a full-fledged fortress in case of war, resistant even to direct attacks.

If you are looking for the most reliable and most profitable option that will protect you in the most critical situations, pay attention to the MAX MINI anti-nuclear bunker – it has everything you need to stay a family of 6 persons for 1 month.

Invest to save lives yours and your loved ones!


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